Manager at Jackpot City???

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I've got a small problem with Jackpot City Casino and the live help is well no help at all
does anyone know how to get ahold of a manager or someone who can help me?? Its just a small problem but one i would like fixed before i make my next deposit. Long story short I
placed 3rd in a $25 BJ freeroll now they're saying that i didn't even play in it and that i didn't win anything. Its only a $5 win but right is right and wrong is wrong!! I remember for a fact that i played this tourny because just after i won i contact live support (this was sunday the 9th) about the money because it wasn't credited. They told me there was a 24hr delay and that i would receive it. right after that i had to leave for 4 days for work now i'm back today checked and still nothing there!!!! Its a remotely small amount of money but if they are willing to screw me outta something so small wonder what they'd do if i win something big.....................................................................:confused::sad::confused:
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you also can send me a PM with your username
and i can get in contackt with them ASAP
if you still dont have any help
i am here for you if you need help
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Thanks mike might take you up on that.
Speaking with someone from live chat who actually sounds like they want to help so i may
be able to get this sorted out. will let you know
:socool::thank you::thank you:
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Well got it all sorted out "brent" from live chat is awesome. He took the time to talk to me and figure out what happened. At the end of it all i got the $5 plus he said he added a little something extra just waiting to see what that is. He said it would take 30mins or so to be added to my account...:socool::socool::socool:
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Glad this is been resolved
and remember we are here alwash for everyone to help (what we can)

:socool: Really Great everything worked out for you, vacant1 Best of Luck, hope you

hit Big!!! Good Luck luvslots

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