maniacs on the roads

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Jul 3, 2008
sorry but getting out of the city and driving home was not exactly fun because until we got past the city limits I have to say there was some true maniacs on the roads, one guy (we were in the middle lane), cut in front of us, passed us from the right and flew over another lane and then sped off about 80 miles an hour just a few cars ahead I wastched 2 cars that had passed us cut 3 lanes of traffic from the left lane and speed off in the right lane.

Not but a half a mile down the road, one of the cars that sped off after cutting 3 lanes of traffic from the left we saw stopped by a police officer,

Most drivers were courteous tonight, but there were a few true maniacs on the roads....

Um yeah,

I wish they had stayed at home.....they were making me slightly nervous, once we cleared the city limits and went into Baltimore county it wasn't that bad and traffic cleared up.

How was the traffic to and from the fireworks for you.

It does not really matter when it is- there are just some crazy A** drivers on the road today period. In many ways it just makes me want to stay home especially on holidays where I know lots of people have been out drinking too much. drivers get in too much of a hurry and do not think about what the consequences of their poor behavior is going to be for everyone else.
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