Marvel Progressive Jackpot Almost $1 Million - Jan 2014

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May 27, 2008
Wow I just checked the current Jackpot Standings at Omni Casino.
And the Marvel Progressive Jackpot is right now $933,000 and growing to $1 Million!
It could be just so incredible to win such an amount online!
Everyone has the same chances on winning this incredible Jackpot.
No matter how big your placed bets are.
Visit Omni Casino now and play on the of the many Marvel Jackpot connected Slots.

Good luck!:)



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May 5, 2008
Just checked the recent Jackpots that can be won at Omni Casino.

It's OMG! Total is over $10 Million and grows everyday.

You can play Marvel Slots, Wallstreet, Beach Life, Dollar Side Ball and so many more.

This really is a great online Casino and players have a chance of hitting something to make a life changing experience.

If you've never played here, now is the time as you can receive some free cash to try them out and they offer some incredible
first time deposit bonuses.

How cool would it be to hit one of those Jackpots?

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