Mega Hit at Club World Casino-September 2014

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May 5, 2008
Sometimes in life, good things happen to good people. It was just one of those days for Susan who has been a longtime player at Club World. She was on a lucky streak that amounted to an astounding amount of $631,421 payout!! What's even more special about her winnings, is that she is a 2 year survivor of Cancer and recently has had heart surgery. Talk about a double whammy for Susan. With medical issues like that, it's no wonder she was spinning the wheels to keep herself entertained and not think of the bad. I couldn't even imagine battling Cancer for two years. That takes some due diligence and comes from within your soul. Seems that amount of winnings was earmarked for someone just like her. With a payout of that amount, she'll be able to cover all of her medical bills and then she plans on taking her husband and daughter on a much needed vacation to Florida. She plans on an incredible trip to the happiest place on earth; Disney World!
It's time for this family to have some good in their life and we couldn't be happier for her. Debt free after this payout and an enjoyable time.

Susan has had some nice hits over the years in the tune of $1,000 or so. So when her balanced soared she was more excited than anything. She only wanted to cashout $11,000 and went to bed. She was restless and couldn't sleep and got up to play a bit. She played
on Mayan Qyueen that has an expanding wild with 25 paylines and some nice features. She also tried her luck at one of RTG's favorites of Goldbeard. She was spinning for those Pirates to appear to bring in some great free spins. I guess she had spun enough and really racked up her bankroll. I love playing Goldbeard as well. It may be tough to get the free spins at first, but once they hit, it's incredible. It may be an oldie, but really can payout great.

It always gives me goose bumps when someone like Susan has an incredible playing experience at Club World. This just changed her life forever and her family as well. With the bad, there always is good and Club World Casino made that difference.

This Casino is on a roll for Jackpots and mega winnings. Another player just hit for $4,205 and SPIRIT OF THE INCA is about to burst to the amount of $142,994.11. Club World is saying it will be hit before it reaches $150,000. Maybe you'll be the next huge winner!

Congratulations to Susan and her family on this incredible win and cashout. They surely deserve this.

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