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Jun 1, 2008
Rhode Island
This post is just to remind Bonus Paradise members on how good this site is to us all.

They always have something fun going on for members sometimes it's a no deposit freebie other times a poker freeroll and give or take about 10 free cash in your casino account contests each and every month.

Sometimes it's not a freebie but help with a casino problem but it's always something good for the MEMBERS here!

There's not many forums out there will to go the extra mile that Marina, Mike, Kotsy, Vicky, Ellis, Dmoney644 or Seaman and the whole BP gang are willing to do. (I hope I didn't miss any names).

One way to help out this site is to download any casino's or poker sites you don't already have using the banners here.

I know most of you do support Bonus Paradise, I just though I would post this reminder in case any new members dont know or any old members have forgotten!
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Thanks For That Great Post Rock,
I Think I Can Speak For All Of Us, We Appreciate Our Members Continued Support,
And We Always Appreciate You Guys Making A Simple Post Like
This One, It Makes Us All Feel Appreciated.

:thank you:​
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awwwww Rock. Thank you!!

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Aww Rock
you are such a sweetheart
its so nice from you to post this
jaa, you are our Sunshine ;)
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