Microgaming Celebrates One Year in New Headquarters

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May 3, 2008
A year ago, the online casino software group, Microgaming celebrated the opening of its new, stylish headquarters on the Isle of Man where the company is based.
It is hard to believe that a full year has passed since the grand opening, which was noted in the local media and in the online casino industry.

To mark the special occasion of a year in its new home, Microgaming staff attended a ceremony last week and watched as the newly promoted chief executive, John Coleman placed a time capsule under the building’s entrance. The plan is to keep the capsule buried in place and to open it in three decades time. The time capsule has been vacuum sealed to keep it protected from the elements, while the items inside the metal capsule have been specially treated to prevent them from tarnishing.

Among the items in the capsule are a series of photographs showing the history of Microgaming, as well as staff volunteer days and awards. A photograph of the Microgaming team taken on the day that the new headquarters opened in July last year is also included.

Other items in the time capsule:
  • Local and international articles relating to the past year.

  • An article about the headquarters (“Sixty Two”) being named one of the 10 Coolest Offices of 2017.

  • PlayItForward volunteer shirt as part of Microgaming’s corporate responsibility initiative.
John Coleman said that marking the first year of Sixty Two was an incredibly important milestone for Microgaming.

“This time capsule captures a snapshot of our campus, our staff and the amazing culture we have fostered here in the Isle of Man for future generations to look back on,” he said. “Most importantly, this moment serves as a reminder to our campus, our staff and the amazing culture we have fostered here on the Isle of Man for future generations to look back on.”

“Most importantly,” said Coleman, “this moment serves as a reminder to our future selves of our unique heritage and the people who have made this building more than just a place to work – it is truly a campus to be proud of.”

When Sixty Two first opened its doors last July, there was much fanfare surrounding the occasion. The group took great pride in the multi-million pound building which was connected to its first campus via a sky bridge. The new building has many special features, including a reception area which is a periscope, offering visitors a 360 view of the island.

John Coleman joins Microgaming as the new CEO at a very exciting time for the company, although he already served with the online casino software group as its chief financial officer. Coleman called it a “momentous time for the business” with “exciting opportunities in the years ahead.”

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