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Jun 1, 2008
I know there has been a thread started to some what of this subject, but I felt these needs to be more in the open, as to what it contains.
First off, I am from, USA, State of Missouri.
I played at Doyles Room long ago, and they banned USA players. Then, some time back they returned to the USA market, under the Microgamming Network. At first I said no, well not go thru this again. Then what the heck, I decided I would. Truely, Microgamming, has always had a ban on 11 states, but Doyles Room was ignoring the ban, of 11, but most sites of the Network, honored the ban, in fact some of the sites, had 13 banned states, in the USA. Been playing Doyles Room, and have over $600 there. Was playing there today, into the morning hours. Late this morning, I tried to log in, and can not. Emailed support, and find out they have added 5 more USA states, but did not say which ones, just said I was one of them.
Here is the email that I just got from them. So all USA states beware, of any of the Micrgamming Network system, as USA players will not be welcome, which I am sure of. Also they did not answer my questions, that I ask about getting any or all my money out.

Dear Mr.

Thank you for contacting us

Apparently our software provider has decided to blocked players from 5 more states
and it looks like your state was affected as well.

Please allow us a moment until we can get deeper on that and find a resolution for this. Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

On the meantime please send an email to [email protected] as it seems that they are looking deeper into that

Luis Michaels
Customer Support Representative
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Bad Boy

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Jun 1, 2008
Little more on Doyles Poker Room. I have been email them, asking about my money and to see if I can get it out. Well, now they have stopped all communication with me. Use to, if I asked any questions, they would answer with in an hour.
Also, when I was advised, by support to contact, [email protected] which I did, asking which other 5 states were banned, they have yet to answer any of my questions.
Doyles support is doing what they did when they turned their back on USA market, the first time. Will not answer any question.
If Doyles Poker Rooms had any sense, they would remove theirselves from Microgamming Network. You can bet, this old boy, will never support another Microgamming Network site, no matter if they come crawling back to USA market, and I hope every American would boycott this sorry Network, if they ever do.
Doyles Poker Room, you really suck...Once I for gave, after twice, never again.
Every Microgamming Site, I was ever had an account, I lost what money I had in there and with Doyles Room, before they went with Microgamming, I lost all money and now I lose it again.
Every one I have been talking to today, have told me they were doing the same thing to them.


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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Hey badboy, i will talk with my affiliate manager and see if i can get something sone for you regarding your money. I sincerely apologize with all that is going on, but i really think alot of this is out of doyle's rooms hands. Its all about the microgaming software. I will do whatever i can for you my friend, but i can't guarantee anything. will let you know something as soon as i can. please be patient, i know easier said then done, but i will try my best.​
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