Mikes Smoke Break After Winning Jackpot! rof

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to tell you the true
i did indeed smoked on that day tons of them
upcoming monday i take the first and best step in my life

after 15 years smoking!

wow, good for you mike.

they say it's harder to quit smoking than
anything else in the world.

we are with ya.​
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on the day that i seen marina on the first day
i did stop sinds 4 weeks
but when we did visit the casino...

will be hard
but if i want somthing
i stand 100% behind it:kiss:
Good luck on quitting!! I had to find an alternate activity for my hands. This may sound goofy - when I thought I wanted to smoke I just put my hands together and prayed for someone/something. I must have prayed for the entire population of the earth, 100 times over! It worked! :snowplay:
wow, shadow. good for you.

How long since you quit?​
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