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Jun 1, 2008
I play at a lot of different casino site which are powered by mircogaming.I have never seen a system so full of flaws in my life.At one casino my loyality points are out of wack,well this casino has send in a number of requests in the last 3 weeks and guess what not a one reply to them.I have watch wheels jerk and jump on most sites which is kinda funny.Bad part is that for mircogaming mistakes its the casinos that pay and not them.I told the rep i was talking to i feel like charging them 100 bucks a week waiting time and then i bet you they would move there asses.
Well..I´m playing now at microgaming casinos about 5 yrs...and in my books it is still the safest software to play. No major flaws here, got always paid and used o have good promotions. The onliest thing I can complain is...the slots are very tight at the moment. BUt this maybe just an unlucky streak for me.
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I Would Have To Say Seaman, In The Past 2 Weeks, they Are Very Tight! Of Course, I Just Withdrew $760 After Being Up To $2500 rof{I Know Stupid me} About 3 weeks ago, and ever since, i haven't won a thing, and only once i had a nice hit, and the bonus rounds and free spins are very few in between lately.

But Maybe Cause I'm On A Unlucky Steak As Well atm?​
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Hey what ever did happen to the bonus games anyway?
Seem's you have to be well over 100 spins at least to get one....grrrrrrr.

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