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    Hi Guys!

    My favorite new past time is mobile apps that are quick and fun to play. I am a fan of things like bejeweled and all things bingo so found a game that is really enjoyable and very addictive. There are lots of apps out there but I only download ones that are from trustworthy sources and have good reviews and this game has both!!

    It is called ...... and its made in ..... by ......... who are a small company that are reliable and committed to what they do. It is a fast paced, socially competitive game that you can play with your facebook friends over your mobile - its good fun and if you are competitive then its perfect for you!

    Not alot of adverts but you can pay anything from 69p to remove them which I have done to get infinite fun! I don't like using actual money, so this give you the enjoyment without the hassle and worry about cards and things - no deposits and its completely free to play so have a look.

    You can access it through facebook by typing in pumpkin bingo or through your app store on all devices, really easy to find and get addicted to - I have lost sleep so if you guys enjoy it then hit me up so we can compete together!

    Hope you guys do go and get it and love it! Let me know what you think :D

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