My 5th Place Finish In A Quickdraw Freeroll At Doyle's Room!

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
What an awesome and fun game these quickdraw freerolls are. I just finished playing my 1st one and out of 2503 players I got 5th!!I was so excited as i made the final table, i had our friend, crazylady from raybassman's poker forum, cheering me on! By the time i made it to the final table, i was in 2nd place, and had over 600,000 in chips! lol But when the Big blind and Small blinds are at 100,000/200,000, your chips don't last long. My 1st blinds i got 52 offsuit and then 53 offsuit and had to fold away over 300,000 chips. Then i went allin with best hand with A2, vs. BB's 92, and he hit his 9 on the tun and I was out. I took home $9.90 for my 5th place finish and it was absolutely free to enter. I reccommend all my poker players to experience this freeroll for some awesome fun! The game was over in under 2 hours with 2503 people in it! lol

By The Way, If You Didn't Know, Abenting Is Me​

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Quickdraw Freeroll is about luck blind increse every 2-3 min.
In the mid tourney you need to win many coin-flip situation.
People Shove all the way, If you play too tight blind will got u out.

so much of luck involve in this.
Yes It does require alot of luck in the later stages of the game, but i haven't come across too many poker sites where their freerolls don't all end up the same way, with people pushing their stacks allin due to the fact of the # of entries in the freeroll and the blind structure. With 2 minute blinds, this is what these quickdraw freerolls are all about. I said if you want some poker excitement and fun, than this freeroll has that. If you are looking for a serious freeroll with proper blind structures and proper play, well good luck on finding proper play in any freeroll you play, then this isn't the game for you. Its something different with the way this game is set up, so to me, its much more exciting at times, than some freerolls that i try to play tight and solid, and bore me to death.

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