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    Will use that topic to warn you about other rouge bingo site they provide bingo and other casino game be careful with them. is scam.

    So here is my full story with this rogue casino. About may be 2 months ago i was invited by ropoker(affiliate forum) to register in and get 5 for free. After i register there i got the 5 and was promoted by them to refer a friend, so you can get 5 of referring your friend and 50% of your friend first deposit. This looks to me like a great offer. So i play at poker tables win lose and decide to invite friends, they can enjoy the casino and i will get that great bonus, it was a good way to build bankroll and play at their poker tables. First friend I invite there was a girl T.L. she liked the site and couple of days later made deposit of 100E, i got the sms and my first 50 euro bonus. I continue to play and few days later was on a meeting and share the casino to another friend, D.G. the same way he liked the site and few days later i got an sms of another 50 euro bonus, which means he made a deposit. That's fantastic my bank start building. About 3 week of playing i build up my bank to 280 euro, so I decide to cash some out and with the rest continue my game at mfortune. And here problems begin. After i request the cash out casino contacted me and request documents, after i send all necessary docs and they approve them, i was told that my cash out will be processed after 7 or more days due to non depositors prior. I don't want to wait for my winnings weeks so my decision was immediately after i got money to make a deposit. But the next day i try to log in my account was blocked. I check my phone and email nothing was found. No reason no explanation, and of course i contact support, on the chat i was told, i am suspected in colluding and that was the reason, i was shocked. First thing i thought the casino is fake and they are fishing site. I found them on facebook and they seems to be a real one casino. I pick up the phone and call my first referral T.L. ask her is everything okay there, unfortunately the same thing happens to her, the same way without any explanation. Third thing i do was to call D.G. asking him the same question, but for good his account was okay. The adventure begin, tons of mails, tons of chats, million explanations, so many emails from me was just ignored by them. And no matter what i ask or what i write they just say, you are suspected of colluding ... I do some searches and contact gambling commission, their advice was to talk with support and they have to give a 3th independent party to investigate. Of course support ignore my emails and for them case was closed. So i continue with my searches and google bring me here. Here i found mfortune aff manager V.S. i contact the guy via Skype explain him everything, the guy looks cool and promise the investigation to begin for me and my referral T.L. After another 5 days of "investigation" our accounts was reopened and i was told by V.S. that our money will be paid, with the little difference from 280 euro i got cashable in my account i can get only 50 because of their "fair policy", which is :
    8. Any promotion offering a free bonus without the need for the player to ever make a deposit is covered by a fair usage policy and the maximum withdraw a player can make without depositing is £200 for Uk players and £50 for none UK players.
    So as every normal person first thing after i login to my account was to reverse my withdraw and make an deposit, so i can keep all my money, only a fool will give up from 230 euro for a little deposit. I deposit 5 euro got 100% first deposit bonus of 5 and my bank was 290 euro.
    I play few games and lose about 65 euro, so i request new cash out of 200 euro and left 25 euro on my account. 5 days later i got an sms saying.
    "Congratulation your winnings mfortune has been processed ..." after 2 days i contact them to confirm they send the money. But answer that i got was they don't send it yet, they need SWIFT. Just another way to delay my payment, i provide them my SWIFT, and ask them to confirm the date and amount of the transaction, they said the date is 5th of march and transaction is 50 euro. Here we go again, from 200 i request after my deposit they send 50, another 4 emails was send (they answer me 1 mail daily). They said no matter i deposit i can collect only 50 euro of my 200, everything else was removed from my account, it is their "FAIR" policy. Of course for me it was pure scam, so i contact their complaints that i was advised by support. Contacting them don't give any result they talk the same bulsh*ts like support probably and are handled by same team. This happens for more than 1 month. T.S. got all her money thanks god! I call D.G. ask him for his case as he was never closed, and when i call in the first place and explain him what happens with me and T.S. first thing he made was to withdraw his deposit which was a month ago. This days when i call him he said, still not get paid and every day contact support asking them did they process his money, every time answer is "YES" you have to wait, couple of times he contact his bank but they said nothing received from nowhere, and before 3 days after just another email to support D.G. was answered they dont send the money they need SWIFT... After 4 weeks they need SWIFT and process his money. Until today he said - no money received. Today he call me to tell me he made some winnings with the money left on his account and then make second withdraw, but still not the first came, and after he check his account he got the message account closed... So they close his account for god knows what now. Obviously mfortune is a pure scam they dont like players which wins and which cash out. Today 14.03.2013 I check my account and my account is closed again. Again no reason given. Getting sick of this casino, they are nothing but a good organized fraud.

    In the end, T.S. account is open and fully functional her money was paid in full, My account is locked then opened then locked again i got paid 50 from 290(including the deposit), D.G. account is closed for the first time he still got no penny from his deposit or his small winnings.

    And if i have to tell some words about their AMAZING BONUSES this is:
    If you refer a friend and get 50% of his first deposit, the money you got is useless, if you ask why i will explain you.
    Lets say you have 5 friends and they agree to register in that rogue casino , After they sign in and make a deposit of 100,
    the amount you get in your account is 250 euro which looks like a good reward for your referring actions, also its good amount to build
    poker bank for example. Let say you use this 250 euro on tables and for a month you build up bank of up 1000 euro, which means you
    defeat many players at the tables and got their deposited money, that's good. And now you have 1000 euro and you decide to get the prize
    you deserve and request cash out (no matter do you deposit before the cash out or you don't) the total you can get is 50 euro, and what
    happens with the rest 950 euro - nothing casino take them from your account. So what happens you invite 5 depositors take 750 euros from
    the tables from other depositors and in the end you give 950 euro bonus to the casino and casino reward you and pay you 50 euro.
    Actually you work for the casino collecting money for them and inviting fishes to make deposits. And this is the good part if you ever get something,
    the other part is after your request they lock your account blame you are colluding or cheating the system or you found some bugs or whatever
    bulsh*t they can find not to pay you. I keep all the correspondence with the casino and all the abuse they made to me if anyone need any information i can provide it. I am sure me and my referrals are not the only one abused by this way from the casino.

    So people if you decide to register in be very careful because this is very silky casino. And be careful when you invite some friends
    because it can be a big mistake and you will be responsible for their money.

    After all the experience i had at for me this casino is well organized scam!
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    Iam new here and i cant post all the story but be very carefully with they provide bingo too, i got a real bad experience as soon as i can post long posts i will post my story. For me they are well organized scam
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    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Dear snakemf, this story has been posted already on another forum, it is exact the same content.

    Sorry for the bad experience you had there.

    I heard never about this site, so, I cannot be of any help
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
  4. snakemf

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    Im sorry but i dont have permissions to post new topics else i will start new topic and post my story to warn all members.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2013
  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, snakemf I moved your posts to a new thread.

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