My Brother in Law is on internet tv - European Wakeboard Championships

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May 27, 2008

Here you can watch it live.
Click here

European Cable Wakeboard Championships....

My hubby's brother Rens Cosijn is also there.
He is at 1st place at the moment, and does really good!
You can viewthe championship live

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I would be more than happy to stay longer than one second at those boards...
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Well, Mark had him on phone tonight.
He ended 2nd.......
So, i think thats awesom!
Really super!
Be he was not happy, lol.

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yeah great 2nd is a super place
lol, so he not happy?
he wanted to be #1, well this is normal and its good so
whatever you do in your life you always have to try to be the best.

Maybe next time he will place #1

Congrats to him for the 2nd place from all of us! :super::winner::socool::pumpkin:
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That is so cool ellis.

Tell us next time he's competing​
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