My Cat is our Toy!

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May 3, 2008
Our Cat Hexi is sure cute, now she think she is a TOY
she found a new place laying in beetween Sarah Toys.
Take a lot at that pic.
isn't Hexi adorable?

I just love that cat. Wish Marina
would ship her to me...​
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What a great pic Marina!!
Love it!
He really is sweet and huge

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Your cat is so sweet. even i have a cat just like what you have but instead of those black spots mine has brown and little thin too. Your cat looks like a teddy bear actually. i love pets and i like your cat so much. Do you mind posting more of his/her(cat) pictures?
Your cat looks cute and it looks like a doll.

Do you have any other pictures of your cat?

I like to save that picture as my desktop wallpaper. If you have any other picture of your cat, please post it here.:kiss:
Hi, marina your catty look chubby, big and yes, it looks like a doll with the other dolls. What is his/her name, what all other pets you have at home? Actually i have also got a pet but it is a puppy. And she is 8 months old, she won't look like doll but she loves playing and sleeping with mine.

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