My Trip To Foxwoods Casino Yesterday!

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Jun 1, 2008
Rhode Island
I went to Foxwoods casino yesterday with my brother thats here visiting from Florida yesterday afternoon. I ended up leaving the casino with $1360.00 profit. I wasnt going to go to the casino because I was saving my money for my trip to Florida, (Im leaving Tuesday Sept. 16st) But my brother insisted he would pay for my gambling. He gave me $400.00 to play with when we got to Foxwoods. We both sat down to play $15.00 min. bet BJ. I started off betting $40.00 then $60.00 and finally $75.00 a hand. and was going up and down. Winning one hand losing the next but my brother lost every hand that was dealt to him. Finally he puts his last $200.00 in the betting circle and go's for broke and loses. By this time I started to go on a winning streak and was up over $500.00 , so I offered to give my brother back the $400.00 start up money he had givin me. He said he didnt feel like playing and to keep the money. (Nice brother huh)? We then got a new dealer that was very rude and crabby so I picked up my chips and went to play bonus slots. It seemed like I couldnt lose! Everything I played I won. I even played a .02 cents bonus slot (30 lines,bets 5) and I got the bonus screen over and over and ended up winning $437.00 on that slot alone. Then I went into the new MGM Grand hotel and casino (that's part of Foxwoods). I sat at a Black Jack table there and was betting $100.00 a hand and was winning most of the hands I played. I wasnt really ready to leave yet, I felt I still had some luck left but my brother was tired so when we walked out of the casino I insisted he take his $400.00 back that he told me to keep as a gift.But I ended up giving it back to him. So really I had gotten the money up to $1760.00. When I got home I still felt like playing slots so I made 2, $25.00 deposits at All Slots Casino and I couldnt win a spin. No bonus games at all and I lost the $50.00 In no time flat. At the time I was all bummed out about how fast I lost the deposit and went to bed. I woke up this morning and I had this in my email. -->


Congratulations! You've just won a bonus in our
Cukoo for cash promotion

Your 50.00-credit bonus has been credited to
your account, XXXXXX, at 1:00 AM EDT on 9/15/2008.


Shelley Simmons
All Slots Casino
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So Im off to play and maybe I'll get lucky!

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That Is Awesome Rock! I'm Very Happy For You, That Seems Like A Great Day To Have, Then Even When You Lost You Still Won At Allslots! lol

Its Awesome When You Get In That Kinda Zone Where It Feels Like You Can't Lose! WTG!!
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My brother would never front me that kind of money- of course the feeling is mutual so that may answer that question. Congrats on your winnings!
LOL! It wasnt even a front. He gave it to me. I just felt bad and gave it back to him, after all, I could afford to after the day I had. I didnt want him to feel like a loser while on vacation. If I did that, what kind of brother would I be?

My brother would never front me that kind of money- of course the feeling is mutual so that may answer that question. Congrats on your winnings!

wow Rock!
congrats congrats, :winner::cool:
Very happy for ya, yeah seems you are on a lucky streak.
And this is a great promo from All Slots Casino!

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Wow Rock you are one lucky man!!
Awesom to read!!!!!!!​
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