need help plzz

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Jul 3, 2008
Ok so a week and five days ago i went to the hospital because I woke up out of a dead sleep with chest pain a 10/10. It was a sharp stabbing pain that went to my back. So when I went to the hospital of course they did all of the cardiac tests and kept me overnight. Well every test they did on my heart came back negitive. So the doctor though it was muscular. Of course I was on alot of medications for the pain. When i was coming of the meds in the hospital I felt the pain starting in my back instead of my chest underneath my shoulder. The doctor explained it was more of a charlyhousre underneath my shoulder.

So i came home and the pain wont go away. I have been on muscle rlaxers that does not help and pain killers. I have tried Ice packs and heating pads. I have gone back to regular activity. I have even been streching hoping that it wound strech the knot out. With no help. Then when the pain meds wear off the sharp pain comes back. Does anyone on here have any idea any at all that will get this knot out of my back underneth my shoulder blade?
I have the same thing Charan.

Sometimes a great massage or chiropractor helps.

After a massage, the muscles hurt more, but then feel better
within a day or 2.​
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