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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada

Hey you,

Golden Lounge Casino
prepared an amazing promotion for you-

The loaded marathon.
You can get up to 1200 free spins.

How does it work?

Deposit 50 credits and get 25 free spins.

Deposit 100 credits and get 50 free spins.

Deposit 200 credits and get 100 free spins.

Deposit 300 credits and get 150 free spins.

Deposit 400 credits and get 200 free spins.

Deposit 500 credits and get 250 free spins.

Deposit 1000 credits and get 600 free spins.

Deposit 2000 credits and get 1200 free spins.

Deposits higher than 500 will receive + 10% bonus. Go to our secure banking page and start depositing.

You cannot miss it! Cheers,:ny2:
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