New Leagues Forming , You Interested? Post Here.

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
I Am In The Process Of Putting Together Some Leagues And I Need To Know You Guys Will Support Them. These Leagues Will Be Buyin Leagues So You Will Need Real Money To Participate In Them. If You Make Your 1st Deposit, Be Sure To Claim BP200 For A 200% 1st Deposit Bonus.

Please Post Here In This Thread Letting Me Know If You Will Participate In The Leagues And What Kind Or Type Of League You Would Like To Play In.{Singles League,Doubles League, Team League,How Much Of A Buyin You Would Be Able To Play Weekly, etc}

If We Have Good Support With The League, We Can Have
Good Money Added To The Season Prizes As Well As Each Game Played.
Hope We Have Alot Of Interest, We Certainly Have Alot Of Poker Players.

Please Only Post Here If You Are Serious About Playing In Our Money Leagues.​

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As you know i joinned up to play for Pb on nastyduck.But one problem is the time it starts and the line of work i do.What time would these be going and what days?
I would like to see some people come in and play in our League , I would like to help out in any way i can.

we know that not every one is rich. so we will try to keep the buy-ins low.

starting at around $1.00 and the max to be $5.00 buy-in games

some of us like Hi/lo games , so i think we can mix the games up a little for every one.

we should be able to have a few freerolls as well.

Please let us know what you think !!!!

It will be fun.

the only night of the week i can't play is on Wensday nites.

So please let us know what you think.

thank you

Paul Davies

:thank you:
As you know i joinned up to play for Pb on nastyduck.But one problem is the time it starts and the line of work i do.What time would these be going and what days?

let us know when you can play

thank you

yes guys, you post what days are best for, what times are good for you, and what kinda buyins and games you would like to play. Also, post what type of leagues you would like to see, Atm, without alot of people, we will probably have a singles or doubles league. If And When We Get Alot More Interested, We Could Do A Nice Team League.

Just Post What I Have Asked About Above.
The best time for me would be around 9 est.My line of work right now they got me working 7seven days a week.As per entry 2-5 bucks would be about right.
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That Is 9pm Eastern Time Dogbites? Thanks For Posting And Letting Me Know. We Will Still Need Alot Of Support And Feed Back From You Guys, So Lets Hear About What You Want Fellow Poker Players. Maybe I'l Start A Small Singles League If We Can Get At Least 10 Serious People That Will Play.
Count me in as long as you give me a heads up on the where's and when's!!!:cool:

Since I was fired last month, I have plenty of time to play! (Also lots of time to think about ways to return "the favor" :kiss: to my ex-boss)!!!! LOL
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no one else interested in a poker league? if we can get just a few more players, then maybe we can set up just a small singles league to start. if we can get 10 serious players for a league, i'll put one together.
not sure if your still looking at getting a league going, but i'm up for a regular weekly game, i have money on most of the popular sites already, only nites I can't play are Tuesdays, and on weekends if it's a merge site as I can only play one merge site @ a time...& yes I am trying to get a post count done, but am really interested in a small league, well provided the players are a friendly lot anyways... :p

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