New Light Shed on Rogue AffPower Casinos

Discussion in 'Gambling News' started by Marina, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    For some time now, BonusParadise has not been promoting online casinos that are part of the AffPower affiliate brand. As you may be aware,
    promotes only the best brands in the industry, and we felt that the AffPower brands did not meet the strictest standards of fair play and safe gaming that we strive to support.

    A recent discovery by Latest Casino Bonuses and CasinoMeister shed some light on the workings of some of the AffPower promoted online casinos, reinforcing our decision
    not to offer you these brands. Latest Casino Bonuses and CasinoMeister found that some of these sites were pirating some of the best NetEnt games in the software group’s portfolio.

    Saying it like it is, we believe that AffPower casinos are using pirated NetEnt games on their sites.

    This is obviously a disgraceful situation. By playing pirated NetEnt games, you are essentially being ripped off. A site that manages to offer pirated games, especially those
    created by such a highly regarded and reputable software group such as NetEnt, is able to get away with anything. There is no oversight, no responsibility and no accountability.
    If these sites are blatantly selling you pirated games, who knows what other shady activities they could be getting up to?

    In addition, you don’t want to start playing at a site that has pirated games, as by knowingly making a deposit and playing the games, you are essentially an accessory to the crime.

    CasinoMeister listed exactly how it believes it has evidence regarding the fake games!

    It shows an example of how legitimate NetEnt games appear on a reputable online casino such as Vera&John Casino.
    It suggests that you right click the flash game to check the settings and shows how it will be displayed.
    It then provides a screenshot of how a blacklisted casino displays its games.

    For the uninitiated, the games may look the same, but there is a clear difference if you take a second look.

    The site shows that the domain is responsible for the fake NetEnt games – it is definitely not NetEnt!

    CasinoMeister questions what AffPower plans to do now that the fake software has been revealed. As the domain wisely points out, AffPower is a relatively high profile affiliate program,
    which has a regular presence at main affiliate conferences such as the London Affiliate Conference and others throughout the year. The site wonders whether AffPower will “show their faces”
    at the upcoming Amsterdam affiliate show and how it will manage to dodge the questions that will clearly come from others in the industry regarding the latest news.

    CasinoMeister ends off by strongly recommending its readers to “avoid these casinos at all costs”.

    BonusParadise wishes to give its members the same advice. There are very good reasons why we do not promote brands of AffPower affiliate group,
    and we – thanks to CasinoMeister, - are able to present you with another very good one.

    In short, STAY AWAY from; ( formerly )
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    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this great information. It is good for every player to know about this.
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Here is a good video from Casinomeister:

  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

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