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Discussion in 'Gambling News' started by Marina, Aug 10, 2016.

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    MYBET HAS CLOSED! ... MyBet Set to File for Insolvency

    MyBet Thrills Players with New Gaming Platform

    One of the most renowned names in the online gambling business has begun the final countdown until the launch of its brand new website. On August 10th 2016,
    players will be provided with the first glance of Mybet’s fresh and innovative new platform, which is guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours on end.

    The new site also has a bigger chance of seeing players well rewarded thanks to better features and customized rewards.
    According to Mybet, thanks to the new website’s fresh designs and new features, it is sure to become the player’s home of betting excitement.

    So what can players expect from the new MyBet website?

    For one, they will be seeing no less than 19 new sports added to the lineup already offered. In addition, players will have four times more betting options available.
    Live betting will be available around the clock, so that you can wager on your favorite team or sports event 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    Rewards will be a big thing on the new Mybet site, as risk-free free bets will be the norm, and customized bonuses, personalized for your gaming preferences, will also be available.
    The new site will also be accessible from any platform you feel most at home with. Whether you prefer desktop gaming from the comfort of your own home or office, or if you’re more
    of a gambler-on-the-go type, you will experience a guaranteed optimum betting experience.

    Bet on sport or enjoy a mobile gaming experience on all devices – whether laptop, table or mobile phone.

    Another advantage of the MyBet website is that all your financial information will be available at your fingertips in an easy-to-access manner.
    You will be able to keep track of your cash balance and see how best to use the bonus credits available to you.

    A new feature added by MyBet is the ability to have a quick overview of your wagers.
    The overview provides you with a list of all your open bets as well as your settled bets. If you require more detail into the information you see before you,
    you will be able to see it in the personal areas which is located at the top of each sports page on the site – all this making for a seamless gaming experience.

    You will also be pleased to note that transferring funds into your account just got simpler on the new MyBet website due to launch in a couple of days.
    MyBet is particularly proud of its revamped deposit page which makes it super easy to place funds into your account and allow you to place bets for real money.
    This takes the hassle out of account funding and gives you peace of mind that the banking methods offered are safe and convenient.

    Finally, the new MyBet Betting and Casino website makes sure that live betting is available at practically every hour of the day or night, thanks to the larger variety.
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  2. Ellis

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    I really like the new Mybet Platform en layout.
    It is pretty well designed with some nice features.
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