Newest Photo from our angel Sarah

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May 3, 2008
Isnt she adorable?
And I tell you since she can walk , its really busy in the house, hehe

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hihih she is sooo cute!!
And always smiling!!!!!
Great pic Marina!
She is so pretty!
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what a cutie pie.....

but what do I see in the background?

looks like Mike. but is he holding a pink/red purse and eating???

oh my :dracula:​
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lmao u guys are to funny
this is not a purse
Mike just feeded sarah and the red one you see is such a plastic to put on sarahs neck so she wont be dirty all over, rof

but you are right, it sure looks funny like hell
lmao :D
She's adorable Marina and Mike.....just adorable, course if it was me, I'd have her handcuffed till she was 21 hahahahaha
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