News i am reporting from a country, within the boundaries of the usa

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Bad Boy

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Jun 1, 2008
Today I am reporting in from within the, once a state of the USA, Kentucky, which has now denounced its state hood, and claims itself a New Country, now known as Steve Beshear.
This all came about, by a person named Steve Beshear, Who they said was Governor of the State of Kentucky. He is now known as the president of Steve Beshear New Country.
We started this investagative report off, by driving to with in 50 miles of the border of this country. As you can not just drive into the New Country, without prearrangements and plenty of paperwork. All roads leading into this country are patrol and block by heavily armed president stormtroopers, and you will be shot on sight.
We are introduced to some of the best guides that money can buy. These are men that once were the best moonshiners and moonshine runners in any given area, of the once known State of Kentucky, now considered enemies of the New Country. As we said, the best, as they could out do any USA federal agents during that time and era.
We slow hike, to and across the border, thru hills and flat land. Finally, after much hide and seek, we arrived upon a town, of no name, as all signs as to what it was have been removed. We are told, this large town, has yet been untouch by the president's stormtroops, but was next on the list. So we laid low, in the surrounding hills and watched. Sure enough, along comes the stormtroopers, by the thousands. My understanding is, these stormtroopers were brought from other nations, from across the world.
These strormtroops, began gone house to house, and business to business, making people carry their PC's laptops, and/or any electronic equipment they had, and place it upon a pile, and then destoryed. Any and all money, these good people had, was taken.
Then many were lined up along side a building wall, told to knee and then shot. At one point a PPA member confronted the troopers and was deheaded at that very moment.
Everything we were seeing was being broadcasted by us, to the USA. Then we noticed, that the troopers had started moving towards us. We have been detected by their sensors, that we have network ability, and now being chased. We will and have made it back across the border, to safety.
Well any way, I think we are safe, or will another governor of a state, in the safe land, try the same thing.
As of right now, I can tell Steve Beshear, to kiss my extreme midsection, back side, and may the gas over take you.
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very good read bad boy. what is your personal feeling about why this came about?
political ballyhoo? payoffs within Kentucky land based casino's or betting? just makes one wonder
whose pockets are getting bigger on this
This state (oops, I mean country) and the new RULER have to have their hands in the pockets of the state legal gambling casinos. If not then what the hell is going on,,,it's a sad day when, in the USA we are going to be told how and where and what we can do with our time and money.

take care:rudolph:
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