Nice Win at PlayersOnly



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Nov 1, 2008
lol another great day to boost my bankroll...
just win 4th( of 71) and win $250...
actually I had been chiplead 2-3 times (up&down)
the rail hand I got 10,5o and choose to defend BB
the flop I don't sure but it all DIAMOND and I have bottom pairs 5
and flush draw with 10 Diamond ...
so I checked and viallian who are chip leader go all-in (He is really loose-aggressive)
so I think he on flush draw maybe or bluff .. and called
he also had buttom pairs 5!!! but with K kicker ... So I right!! about he not that strong
but even he not that strong but at least he dominated me :sad: anyway and he also had K of Diamond .. so I'm done..
before I all-in I'm thrid in chips and the last guy had like 17,000 and if I fold I will
had like 24,000 .. and for the 3rd prize is about $360 ... so not either bad or good
call by me .. but if I'm right I had a change to win the first $704.. but if money come first for the safe way I should fold there... anyway it past ... but for play this I miss the "Customer care tournament $200 freeroll at Doyles cause it the same network can't open the same time" when I back it already blindout and I already busted at 14th place..but anyway nice win...

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Jun 1, 2008
I am going to say well played, etc etc. but i have no idea what you said in your post. this is the reason i don't do very well in poker tournaments. Because i don't know, or really even care to know, all the terminology..:confused: Guess I will never be president of the poker club....:lmao::nuts: Great job for you Kondai, keep up the good fortune.


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Apr 18, 2009
congrats on the great finish on players only. i'm sure it was a great addition to your bankroll, keep up the good work.

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