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i could post my screenshots from winnings like 2 cents
and 3 tens rofl

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not too bad........played quite awhile on $25 deposit
Villento Casino​
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shhh, I should be working and not
playing. don't tell Marina. Still thinking
on your​
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YES I WON TODAY, no screenshot!
Deposited today 2 x $50 at Grand Mondial, nothing ....NADA NADA NADA....
but i request my weekend bonus and they give me $50.
After playing 4 - 5 hours i cashed out $4000
( I won the most at SANTAS PAW , AVALON & SPRING BREAK)

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that is awesome mikky...........


someday, you'll bring us a screenshot​
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i' m so sorry, i can't make a screenshot, i try many times and i can't
I play on a notebook and all is in english(this notebook came from Australia!)
Maybe someone at BP can help me....
for me english is #@$%^^&&***&^%$#@#@
Besser auf Deutsch, aber ich verstehe und spreche Spanisch!!!LOL
Das ist ein Kaese!!!!!LOL
mikky, when I first tried to learn screenshots....

I was omg.......I will gladly teach you. I'm on msn

[email protected]. let me know when is a good time for
you. we can do it. you do it 4 or 5 times, you'll be
a pro.​
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