Not a bonuses...why so quiet????

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Sorry no i have not a bonus to post just wondering why its so quiet in here tonight.. nobody posting, writing, nothing..........................................i'm so lonely:sad: to back kind find anything we already got and nothing i can use... no free spins ... no free money ... no nothing................................:sad:
I agree, nothing going on.
No free money to be found lately at all....grrrrrr.
Payday seems so far away!
lonely and miserable got my weekends mixed up won't be playing big money until next bored nothing to do no money to spend.......hhhuuuuuhhhhhhh.....ssssooooo bbboorreeeeddddddddddddd
I'm not sure if this has been posted; but Aladdins Palace, a brand new RTG, will give you $50, but you have to request it from live chat after you download and registered. This was'nt an advertised bonus; in fact the person who posted this on another forum, had the wherewithall to contact L/C, and ask if there were any bonuses available. He was credited w/ $50, on the spot! Others that read his post and registered went to L/C, and the ones who did not specifically ask for $50, only got $10. So contact L/C and if you ask NICELY (believe me, it works so much better) they'll give you $50.

I played for a really long time on that bonus, and I hope you all have as much fun as I did. Good luck all
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ty for the find BPLoni.

I must say the customer service is wonderful.

Hope you all get the freebie​
downloaded but when i go to sign up where you put your info is all messed up can't read anything or tell where your supposed to input it all ... its all screwed up
we have opened an account without a problem
but $50 they dont offer
they offered us a $10
good deal also

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