not a good day!!!

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Jul 3, 2008
My Day has not been to good today
I drove for the first time this Morning and it was not good, driving still not possible I came home in Pain so another week no driving
I came home, got changed into something Comfortable and was about to unpack the shopping as Gissi was patiently waiting for his Goodies, when there was banging at my door, ringing of my Doorbell and then banging again, I was not able to go to fast, as I opened the Door, there stood a Woman there very upset asking me if I had a Cat, I said no I haven't (my first thought was, i know Gissi is the size of one but looks nothing like a Cat) before I could say anything, she said that a Cat had just been knocked down, well I only knew 2 Cats, one is Daisy who belongs to my Neighbor and she never leaves the Yard, the other one was a white Siamese looking Cat who always came on the Yard, I told the Lady I would be out, just getting my Shoes on, I went out crossed the road and had tears in my Eyes, it was the white one who had been here since I moved here, I knelt down and I knew it was not going to live, the Driver who was a lady was going to take it to the Vet, she was so upset, I told her he will not make, I calmed her down and told her it was not her fault and to calm down before she got back in her Car
I knelt back down to the Cat, we where stroking him, I knew he had severe internal Injury, I felt myself wishing he would just go as he was in so much Pain, he had a few Cramp attacks, all we could do is stroke him, he died 10 Minutes later, there was 3 of us crying, we didn't know who the Cat belonged to, till one of the Postmen told us, I came in and got a Box and padded it with Towels, also we put a Towel over him, I then suggested to the other Lady to see if the Owner was in, if not to knock on a Neighbors Door as we had been told that she is at work, the Lady knocked on a Neighbors Door and was talking to them explaining when the Owners Door opened, the Woman came out and said I hope it is not my Cat, well it was, she opened the Box and she was shaking, I put my Hand on her Arm, she asked Questions, one of them was, how long before he died, was he in Pain, before the other 2 could say anything, I said that no he was not in Pain and he died within 2 Minutes, I looked at the other 2 Ladies and they understood, I did not want this Lady to hurt more, we told her though that we held and stroked him, he was not alone, I also think she was in shock, after a while she picked up the Box, thanked us, asked me if I wanted the Towels, I told her no, she went home, I came back in here in tears and I don't know why, but I looked at Gissi and said to him in Tears, that is why you do not run on the Road, because you die, I just had to say something I made a coffee and sat here in tears, I then decided to install the new Camera I bought on the Lap top to give me something to do, and guess what the Bl**dy Lap top crashed on me, I just cried this was the last straw, I was in Pain, I found out I am still not able to drive, I saw that poor Cat die, then this, I had to totally reformat the Lap top and now I have to install everything again, not a good Day at all
I better go to bed it is 12.35am and I have been up since 7am lol

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