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Aug 12, 2008
I was wondering why there hasn't been any info about the ONLINE FORUM CHALLENGE being held at absolute poker. Anyways I have pre-registered for it and select this great forum as the one i'll be playing for. The top 5 forums receive freerolls on absolute poker among other things. The tournament is held on August 16th @ 3pm so if anyone would like to come and cheer me on it will be needed. My table name is littlebria64. Thx all and gl at the tables.:winner:
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thanks for the info littlebria64
and its really very kind of you that you select us as the forum you playing for
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I Will Be Looking Into This A Bit More. I Know A Little About The OFC, And Will Need To read A Bit More On It. Also, We Are Trying To Get A Bigger Poker Following Around Bonus Paradise, And Believe This Will Help Bring In Some Players.

Also, I Believe That There Are Many Homes For Games Of The OFC, Not Just Absolute.We Will Be Looking More Into This For You Guys, And See What We Can Do!

Hope To See You At The Tables Soon!​
Everytime the OFC tournament comes around it is on a different poker site. Not sure the next one yet will post when i find out the info for it.
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