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Jul 17, 2008
this is way off topic but I am just curious how those of you who are in Europe and other places all over the world feel about China being the host country for the Olympics this year. I am torn- I know they are trying to put on a good show for the world but there are so many human rights issues there that I am not sure I really want to support that. I do not begrudge the athletes for going there but maybe the IOC should rethink who they award the games to next time around?
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I never really paid that much attention to the Olympics. Lately, I've been hearing negative comments about China and the people that's participating in the Olympics. I feel that if China is going to act negative towards the participants then it shouldn't be held there again.
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I´m totally nuts about soccer..so I will not pay much attention to olympics too.

However..I think the spirit of the olympic games is to let politics totally out of them.
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Totally agree with you Seaman.

It's ashame that some of these athletes
that have trained all their lives may be
excluded because of the politics​
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I read today that Iraq is going to be excluded from the games but did not get the reason why. It is not the fault of the athletes there that their leader for 20 years was a maniac. They should be allowed to play.
I totally agree. the athletes are the only ones who get punished and after all of their hard work that is such a shame. I will definitely watch the Olympics no matter where it is hosted- I love swimming and diving. But I could do without the weightlifting and basketball.
My favorite part of the olympics is the basketball. Can they just make rules to just exclude certain people?
I Love To Watch The Gymnastics Competition.{No No, Not For the Girls, They Are Way Too Young, :D}

But Because They Amaze Me With What They Can Do As Far As Tumbling And Flips And Such, I Think Its Awesome!​
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Gymnastics is a great sport and I totally agree about basketball. It seems ridiculous that the Olympics are supposed to be about amateurs in athletics yet the US gets to send pro basketball players to play for the US team. Something about that is not right and I am an American.
i am boycotting the olympics in china because of the human rights violations and because of the governments stand on tibet... shame shame china...
The opening was impressive, I have even heard that something like that will never be matched again. I have to watch the swimming competition. . . want to see if Michael Phelps is gonna be all that he has been hyped up to be.
I think I´ve read Michael Phelps did a new world record yesterday? I´m not sure...
he's posting new world records and winning gold all over the place. No matter if he never swims again he has it made with the endorsements and celebrity that these Olympic games will bring to him.

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