omg, someone bring me Carey and Vixen please!

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May 3, 2008
]Carey, Vixen, omg, what a crazy house here, lmao , could you girls please come here and help me
Just in case any other members wonder what is going on here Streak has their Haunted Hotel
go check out our friends at Streak Gaming

To all the Streakers, thanks so much for joining
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Sorry I cant help you!! They are only doing what they are told. :socool:
Thank you for being so welcoming to the Streakers!:kiss:​
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Hi Carey
Great to see you here
i hope you doing fine dear,:kiss:
Hi Mike!! I hear you give good bonuses!!:D:D

rof Carey
I tell you , for real ... I got today the biggest bonus ever from him :socool:

no other men in my life was able to do so, well Mike did
more about this ............ Tomorrow :happy-halloween:
going to bed now guys
late here in Europe, already 1:00 am ... my oh my, lol​
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This Should Be Good, Hurry Back Tommorow And Get A Front Row Seat For This One! This Bonus Id Gonna Be Fun To Watch!

Watch? Oh Yeah, They Let Me Watch!:dracula:

:D :D
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I am glad NOW I know what you are all talking about. Had I read this yesterday I would have thought you all went nuts!!:D:D
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