Online Casino Chaos Hits the Netherlands

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May 3, 2008
The online casino industry in the Netherlands is in chaos at the moment, following a very sudden announcement by the country’s gambling authority, the KSA (Kansspelautoriteit).
As of June 1st, the authority announced that it would be introducing much stricter policies for online gambling operators that serve the Dutch gambling public.

Old Gambling Restrictions in The Netherlands

Up until now, online gambling operators were aware of the rules, and knew that the KSA would only take action if they did one of three things:
  • Offered their services on a Dutch website
  • Used a website that carried a .nl extension
  • Advertised their gambling services via various platforms such as radio or TV.

New Gambling Restrictions in the Netherlands

However, the KSA has decided, effective immediately to put much stricter laws into place.

Besides the above three scenarios, the regulator will now enforce The Netherlands’ prohibition on internet gambling under the follow circumstances as well:
  • The operator uses an .nl extension website which redirects the player to a .com domain;
  • Dutch sounding brand names are used, or images that are typically Dutch
  • Typical Dutch payment methods are advertised as payment methods on the site;
  • Operators don’t use geo-location technology to block Dutch players from accessing their sites.

Immediate Changes Seen in Dutch Gambling Market

As a result of these new laws, some online casinos that typically served the Dutch gambling public have shut down completely.
In example: Fortuin Casino, Polder Casino and Klaver Casino.

In addition, we have noticed that two brands immediately changed their names because of these strict rules.
Zon Casino has become PlaySunny and Beter Bingo has become Shiny Bingo.

Dutch Get Tough on Gambling

On the KSA’s official website this week, the authority announced that it would be enforcing stricter restrictions on operators who target Dutch players “illegally”.
Concern was expressed that operators were targeting minors. The announcement also included a comment by the vice-president of KSA who noted that it was
intolerable that minors manage to access online gambling sites.

Since last year, Dutch lawmakers have been toying with the idea of introducing tougher laws. While it was technically illegal to play at offshore online casinos in
the Netherlands, operators – as per many other countries in the world – were able to find loopholes and therefore offered their games and software to Dutch players.
The new law will make it more difficult for operators to find workarounds.

If online operators breach these new codes introduced by the Dutch gambling authority, they will be added to a blacklist and will not be allowed to apply for an official
online gambling license in a future regulated industry. Operators will now be required to block IP addresses and local bank payments will not be processed to and from offshore sites.
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