Online gambling -13 banned US states now

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May 3, 2008
Update on the banned US states for online gambling.

Some Microgaming sites already closed accounts from players residing in Kentucky.
I assume that this will count for all the microgaming casinos , poker who accept US players.

The 13 banned US states are:
New Jersey
New York
South Dakota
Washington State (not Washington DC)
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Just got a little update, a few minutes ago, for Doyles Room poker.

Kentucky, Louisiana, and Washington, state poker accounts are blocked from playing. There was no other states mentioned at this time.

Poker Host has blocked the following accounts, in these states:

District of Columbia
New Jersey
New York
South Dakota
Washington State
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You're welcome young lady. All this crap has been caused, by the governor of Kentucky. Been trying to keep up to date on his sieze of poker domains. It has been very quiet in the news media. Mostly just comments in forums. Was kind of a big thing when it started. Then it went unnoticed, in the bigger news papers. At first, it seemed as if they was trying to play it down, and let the Kentucky govenor, back out cowardly, but not such the case. As it looks, what time is left, before the next hearring, it giving online poker and casino sites time to start blocking US states from their sites. Got a bad feeling, there are more sites that will do the same, with chat and email, I been having and receiving.
The following is an update to the next hearring, which is like a time line to some of these sites:
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A Franklin County Circuit Court judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to block access to online casinos in Kentucky.

Judge Thomas Wingate said in an order Thursday afternoon that he will hear arguments on Nov. 17 before deciding whether to give Kentucky state government control of the domain names of 140 of the Internet's most popular gambling Web sites.
Wingate said online casinos that don't block access to their Web sites in Kentucky could be ordered to forfeit their domain names.

Gov. Steve Beshear's administration filed the lawsuit. Beshear supports legalizing casino gambling in a state that already allows betting on horse racing, bingo and a state lottery
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Here is some more info. Micrgamming Network has always had a ban on 11 USA States, which they never stopped doing or lifted the bans. There is/was/are, some sites within the Microgamming Network, that never honored these bans,(blocking). It was like turn your head, see no evil, tell no evil, or hear no evil. Pretend not to see, and it won't hurt anything.
Now Micrgamming Network, is making these sites, honor these bans/blocking, of these states. It is my understanding that Microgamming Network, maybe adding more to the list of bans/blocking. Here is the sites, that are connected to the Microgamming Network. May have missed some or they no long are open. Some of these sites have more than 11 states restrictions, that the site added themselves.


Tell Poker



NordicBet Poker


BetDirect Poker

Ladbrokes Poker

Royal Vegas Poker

Golden Tiger Poker


Jennings Poker

Poker Rewards

Roxy Poker

Aztec Riches Poker

Doyle's Poker Room

Captain Cook`s Poker

Grand Bay Poker

32Red Poker

Big Dollar Poker

Virtual City Poker


Poker Host

Code Poker



Cool Hand Poker

Colosseum Poker


MaMaMia Gaming


Crazy Poker


Golden Riviera Poker

JBET Poker

Spin Palace Poker

TrioBet Poker

Betshop Poker

Wild Jack Poker

Purple Lounge
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I just recieved an email from INTERTOPS CASINO stating that they are closing all accounts fron NY State, and i am so upset because that was the only Microgaming casino that i was able to play at. This really bites big time.:confused::nuts::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
Wow, thankfully, these site bans haven't affected me here (or back in Minnesota, for that matter)--it's just the offline poker laws that are wacky in Florida!
I am lucky enough to live in a gambling state. Atleast for now. Those laws are stupid.
I thought this was a free country anyways.

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