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May 3, 2008
One of the most boring, time-consuming and repelling processes to online casino players is the time when they need to sign up to a new online casino account, fill out all of those registration forms, add the necessary bank account details, submit all of that for verification and wait for a permission to play. And all they wanted to do is play for a while. And then comes the withdrawal processing time. In order to cash out their winnings, players need to wait for days, even weeks with some payment methods. How about we tell you that you will never experience this, ever again?

Say Hello to Pay N Play

The trusted payment method Trustly has released a new, innovative product called Pay N Play, enabling online gamers to play their games in a quicker and more effective way. What does that imply? It implies that the deposit and withdrawal times are faster with Pay N Play and can be completed with just one click.

In essence, with Pay N Play you don’t need to waste your precious time filling applications and making accounts – all you need to do is make one quick transaction from your online bank. In fact, this is how you register; by making a deposit from your online bank. The thing is, Trustly does all the work for you. As you make a deposit from your bank, Trustly gives the KYC (Know Your Customer) data to the casino operator of your choice, who creates your casino account in the background, leaving you with no trouble at all.

An additional benefit is that you can withdraw your winnings instantly. Right after you win, you get two choices: Instant Withdrawal or Continue Playing. By pressing the former, your winnings go directly to your online bank. The Pay N Play motto is “Gaming will never be the same”. Do you understand why now? You should not worry about leaving the site – your information is kept safe until you return, as well as your winnings. All you need to do is verify yourself via your online bank and your previous balance will be available on your casino account in an instant.

The Two Versions of Pay N Play

There are two versions of Pay N Play: the Pure and the Hybrid.

The Pure Pay N Play version is intended for companies that are rebranding or starting an entirely new brand.
With this version, you get the Instant Withdrawal and Continue Playing options mentioned previously.

The Hybrid Pay N Play version, intended for companies aiming at enriching their brands, is a little bit different. With this version, you don’t have the Continue Playing option, meaning you cannot instantly withdraw your winnings by just coming back to the casino site. You would need to log into your online bank via the Trustly iframe so you can cash out your winnings.

Benefits of Pay N Play

Although Pay N Play is a rather new payment method, it provides both online gamers and operators with obvious benefits. Clearly, the convenience of no lengthy registration and faster withdrawal time can attract many players, so operators who offer Pay N Play to players get a significantly increased new player retention rate. In fact, those casino operators that have adopted Pay N Play say that they have recorded an impressively higher deposit rate per user in comparison to the pre-Pay N Play period. In addition, operators can easily identify players and verify them when they make their deposits, which helps them in completing their KYC requirements.

Online Casinos That Accept Pay N Play

Many respected online casinos have started offering Pay N Play as a payment method to their players, amongst which Speedy Casino, Ninja Casino, Betsson Casino, No Account Casino, Snabbare Casino and ComeOn Casino. But the demand is never-ceasing and many other casinos have announced that they will soon start accepting it as a payment method, such as Thrills Casino.

Players from all around the world show interest in it and are expecting it to become available in all online casinos, although the Pay N Play service is so far available to the Finnish, Swedish and German players only. No player can stay indifferent to the wonderful benefits they could get from Pay N Play. That is why these online casinos have adopted it and have already started offering it. Hopefully, many others will adopt it soon enough, as well.

Any player interested in sports betting and casino games can register and deposit at these online casinos without wasting time on registration, verification, depositing and withdrawing their funds, thanks to Pay N Play.
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