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  1. Marina

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    Whether you’re visiting casinos for entertainment, social interaction, stress relief, or just plain fun, the possibility of ending your gaming session on a winning note is always a significant plus. It also provides
    an incentive to come back and visit again, which both land-based and online casinos are shooting for. Repeat business is their goal, so they want the gaming experience to be enjoyable for their patrons.

    I harken back to the days when casino machines spewed actual coins into their trays, and happy players scooped them into ‘buckets’ to continue play, or just cycled them right back into the hungry machines.
    On more than one occasion, my wife and I would search for more buckets to carry our vast payouts to the cashiers, who then dumped them into coin-processing machines, presenting currency back into our
    anxious hands (well OK, I exaggerate on the ‘vast’ part, but you get the idea). Today all that handling has been eliminated by nearly all casinos, replaced by paper tickets spit out by machines, that are then fed
    into other machines for validation and redemption. Not as much fun (my opinion), but it does eliminate a couple of negative issues: black hands (coins are inherently filthy!), and standing in lines for cashiers.
    Casinos benefit tremendously from the implementation of this self-serve technology, through elimination of coin handling, and reduction in cashier activities. Less standing line for players can translate to more
    time at the machines and table games, certainly.

    Regardless, technology has improved both the flow of terrestrial casino operations, and the ability to provide similar experiences for online casinos.

    How Do They Pay

    Brick and mortar casinos provide one attribute that gamers crave – instant gratification. Once you hit that jackpot, you can cash out, redeem your voucher(s), and either walk away with your winnings,
    head for the next table or machine, or hit the buffet. Online gaming credits you right away, of course, but retrieving the funds takes a little more patience. Some online casinos now offer fast payout options
    via E-Wallets like Neteller or Skrill, that can provide your funds to you in as little as an hour or two, or provide a bank transfer that is processed within a couple of days. Others offer services such as
    issuing a check to the player, which can be sent via delivery services such as FedEx, arriving within a day or two. Still, the feeling of that instant gratification may not be in the air, as you select your withdrawal
    option online.

    PayPal has become another option implemented by some online casinos. For those online customers who utilize that service, it becomes a simple method of doing business, applying their withdrawals to PayPal
    accounts, making their funds available for other internet activities such as online shopping sprees. Some online casinos charge small fees for specific services, so players need to take that into consideration, when weighing their best payout options.


    Bonuses from online casinos present another point of discussion. Many sites offer ‘cash’ bonuses, based on amounts played or duration of gaming sessions. Often, the bonus amounts are credited to your
    opportunity for additional play, but may not in fact be transferrable to available withdrawals. Gamers need to review policies for details of bonus rewards, as they vary from site to site. Other technologies
    still in their comparative infancies include the use of Bitcoins or e-wallets for withdrawals. These options are not as common, although consumer acceptance of these technologies is growing, which would
    certainly indicate that casinos adopting these payout methods will expand, as well.

    Payout Variations

    Depending on where you’re playing (country of the gaming site, and country of the player), there may be restrictions on payment methods and the time it takes to process withdrawals. As US laws can be
    more restrictive than some other countries, options can be more limited, which in turn can extend the time from the withdrawal request to the receipt of the funds. In many cases, US players can make deposits
    for play using credit cards, but withdrawals will be made in the form of checks sent through the mail. This varies from site to site on what options they’re able to offer, so if quick receipt of disbursement of your
    winnings is important to you, that may be a consideration in selecting the online casino to patronize. In some instances, US requirements slow down the receipt of funds that have actually been distributed by
    the online casino itself. This may be through no fault of the online casino itself, so patrons should be aware of such conditions. Outside the US, there are more options available. In some cases, deposits and
    withdrawals can both be done via credit card, making the transactions effectively instant for the player.

    In general, when patronizing online casinos, there are numerous options for depositing funds for play, as well as receiving funds through withdrawals. Consider the options available from each casino, when
    determining which best meets your particular needs. Then sign up, and have a great time.
  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Nice article Marina. I love Neteller and so happy with the card. You can withdraw your winnings instantly at the ATM.
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  3. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    Very good article Marina! I enjoy playing online and being from the US, I do an extensive research on the casinos I play at. This way I know ahead of time what I am dealing with first before depositing.
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  4. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    I really love eWallets. Comfortable and quick payment solutions.
  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Queenmap, with which online casinos do you have good experience , which ones can you recommend for U.S. players?

    Yes love Ewallets too, unfortunatly they are not an option for all countries like i.e. USA.
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  6. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    I have experienced myself to recommend the following online casinos:

    These are the main RTG brand type casinos I have played at myself and cashed out of.
    As for Rival casino I play at Slots Capital Casino.
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  7. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Queenmap, these are the casinos I had in mind and these are of course also the ones we recommend.
    I heard never anything bad about any of them. Thanks for confirming that. I am glad that there is still a nice list of good casinos for players from the U.S.

    The casinos Queenmap listed accept of course also players from many other countries worldwide.
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