Payment Processing Companies Accepted by Online Casinos

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May 3, 2008
If you’re already established at an online casino, you’ve probably worked out how to deposit and withdraw. However, if you’re new, you might look at the payment options and be a bit bewildered.
If the casino accepts common credit cards, like Visa and Master Card, it’s a fairly simple process. If not, then you may have to look into other payments they accept to fund your account. This can
be a tough decision, especially if you’re not familiar with any of the companies. The following is a brief synopsis of some of the e-wallets that are commonly accepted by online casinos.


Operated by Optimal Payments Limited and founded in 1999, Neteller is one of the oldest and most trusted e-wallets around the world. Their payments are accepted through many websites,
not just casinos, and setting up an account through them is fairly easy. They have offices across the globe and serve over 200 countries, so their policies and fees will vary based on your location.
Generally, getting an account with them is free and making a payment with them is also free, but they charge a percent based on the amount you deposit into the account. At the present time,
deposits to your Neteller account may be made through a bank account, Visa or Master Card. If a casino already accepts Visa or Master Card, making deposits through Neteller can still be beneficial,
because they are secure and guard your privacy. It’s also worth noting that Neteller does its best to follow regional laws, so gamblers in Canada and the United States, as well as other select countries,
may not be able to use this to fund an account with an online casino. It’s always best to read their terms and conditions, as well as the casino’s, before you set up an account and try to use it.


Established in 1998, PayPal has a very strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. They run a service very similar to Neteller, though they are not accepted by quite as many casinos.
It’s quite possible this is because the company has very strict guidelines about who they will allow to be one of their merchants and they will cut out any retailer or casino that receives too many
complaints. In addition, they will only process a payment from a casino if it has a license in the same country as the account holder. It’s a protective measure, but it can work as a double-edged sword.
On the plus-side, they’re also one of the few companies that closely guards customer information and they allow payments to be processed using only an e-mail address. At the present time, you can
only fund a PayPal account directly from a bank account or by visiting a Green Dot MoneyPak location and loading cash.


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has been in the business since 2001. Again, their service is similar to the others, as they reach approximately the same number of countries and handle numerous
currencies. A digital wallet from Skrill can be loaded in numerous ways, including Visa, Master Card, bank transfers and via PaySafeCard. Because they’re global, the fees charged will vary by country as well,
though they tend to be very reasonable. Skrill is accepted at many online casinos and they protect the data of their customers too.


If you don’t want your casino activities linked to you in any way or you don’t have a bank account, PaySafeCard might be the best method for you. It’s a widely accepted form of payment around
the world and can be used at retailors as well as casinos. It’s a pre-paid card, so it’s not linked to any of your other accounts. You simply go to a physical location, purchase an account in one of their
predetermined denominations, and use it to fund your casino account. They also follow local laws, so a PaySafeCard purchased in the US or Canada will not be able to fund a casino. If you’re in either
country, or somewhere else that doesn’t allow online gambling, this solution will not work for you.

There are nearly as many e-wallets and other methods to fund your casino account as there are online casinos. There is no for-sure right one, as the best one for each individual will vary. None of the
companies listed here have a vested interest in whether you use them at a casino or to make payments anywhere else, but that may not be the case with other online payment processing solutions.

Before you sign up with any company, be sure to research it. Know ahead of time if they will charge you to make a deposit, have fees on withdrawals or have other rules specific to the country you live in.
In addition, research the reputation of the company, as well as how long it’s been in business, before you set up your account.
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