Platinum Play $10 Free *depositors*

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
Thats awesom dear!!
Yes i just read, that all get an email when making a deposit.
Verry cool promo!

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I am trying to find a good casino, one I can trust and I seen this for Platinum Play, is this a casino? I feel silly asking, and are they a trustworthy casino? If you could give me a little info on them seeing that you have deposited there, I will be depositing with my visa card and I only deposit $20.00 at a time not alot but I enjoy it and ya never know....I have been looking around all day today so I could gamble a little but I just don't know where to try, I usually play at Vip Lounge Casino and Inetbet but I need somewhere I would appreciate any advise you could give or anyone could give. Thank you debralee1967:happy-halloween:
debralee, the Fortune Lounge group is awesome.

Platinum Play Casino

is top notch in our book.

I also have a few others of my favorites. I trust completely and deposit faithfully.

Villento Casino

Grand Mondial Casino​

Please feel free to pm me if you need anything else​
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I just downloaded Platinum Play and opened an account so maybe I'll make my first deposit in the morning, I have been searching all day for a trustworthy casino,
I have read so many bad things about so many different casino's I just don't know where to go, I usually play at Vip Lounge Casino but with all the bad things I've been hearing about them not to sure about putting any more money their way,
and I also go to Inetbet and see good things about them but just bored with them,
and I"ve deposited 1 time at Superior but really didn't enjoy their casino, so today I've been searching and searching and honestly I just don't know where to go, or which ones to trust.

I do like the ones that give you a code every now and again but they are the ones that arent' very trustworthy...
I just want to be able to sit at my comp early of a morning with a big cup of coffee and enjoy some gambling, but again, I just don't know where to go.
I'll tell you, I am so thankful for this forum and all of you, you help so much....Have a question for ya, what do you think about Vegas Strip Casino? Any advise on that one? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO NICE!!!
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yes platinum play is great. My wife won $15 on the black jack tourny and she cashed out $600 yesterday. Also cashed out $500 about a month ago.
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debralee, let us know what you are intersted in.

Microgaming? RTG? Rival?

We'll surely steer you in the right direction.

If you're unsure of any of the software,
please PM any of our staff. We'll guide you​
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Not sure if you also want deposit bonuses but platinum play is really good for that and they reward their players quite often. They offer 150% on your first deposit and then 100% on your second deposit. Of course theres playthrough requirements which i believe is (deposit+bonus)x30. If you deposit a second time you can claim the 100% after your balance is under $10. They do that so if you happen to hit something big with your deposit then you won't have to worry about making any playthrough requirements with it so you can cashout immediately. Hope this helps .............:socool:
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platinum play is sure really good
and the best part is
they are our newest sponser
if you ever get a issuw with them
i am your VIP Host for this casino​
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Thank you everyone for all the help. I'm not sure where I want to go, I know I just want an honest, reliable casino, if I deposit and happen to win I wanna know I"m gonna get payed, listening to all your advise I'm steering towards Platinum Play, thanks Mike, I will make a note of that I try to keep records of all my casino accounts, and I appreciate all the advise from everyone, this forum is unbelievable, your all such good people...can't thank you enough.
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You are so sweet!
I wish you lots of luck dear!
And remember.
At our Bonusparadise Forum you will only find recommeded and trusted Casino's.
so no worry​
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First they said ive never deposit there !Wrong! Then i go and make a deposit and went right back and they said promo over! Thats bull!:confused::confused::confused:

Yukon Gold Casino