Play for FREE and win Real Money prizes at Everest Poker



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May 5, 2008
Play for FREE and win Real Money prizes at everest poker

Everest Poker offering special Real Money Tournaments that cost nothing to join yet they
pay out cash prizes to the winners.
Join one of these Zero Buy-In Tournaments ($0 Buy-In) to enjoy the thrill of
real money poker.

No Deposit Necessary. No Credit Card Required!

To be eligible to participate, all you have to do is download the software and register
to open a player account. That's it.
You don't have to make a deposit for this.
There is no risk to you and the rewards can build up fast.

Win $80 in just 8 tournaments!

By rolling your cash winnings from a Zero Buy-In tournament to higher stakes tournaments,
you can win as much as $80 in as few as 8 tournaments -
all without ever having to make a deposit or put up an initial stake.
Of course, there is no limit to how much you can win,
but by rolling early winnings into higher tournaments you can turn nothing
($0) into something ($80) very fast.

Click for details on Single-Table Tournament stakes and prize pools at everest poker

Everest Poker - Play for free and win free real monies

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