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May 27, 2008

It was an absolutely amazing 4th of July for a lucky player on the
Bingo Entertainment Network as she hit the progressive bingo jackpot to
win an amazing


The player from North Carolina with the alias “okdoeki” was running low on
cash when this happened: “ When I hit the JP, I was playing my last $0.75;

I had $0.23 left in my account. I watched as the numbers came out to form
the small square with 1 number left to call and I needed G53.
I yelled for it in chat and almost fell out of my chair when it was called!
I had to sit there for a few minutes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
Sonny had given me the ultimate save.”

With her winnings she was happy to say: “I am very excited about winning this jackpot.
We just bought our son a new trailblazer and
this will go towards his gas.”

She concluded by giving big thumbs up to the place that made it all possible:
“ Thank you Bingo Entertainment for giving us an honest and
safe place to play bingo!!!

As a player, I appreciate all you do for us! A
nd for all you bingoholics out there, never give up, your jackpot is
coming when you least expect it.”​
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Good to see someone with a few cents left hit it.I at one time was a bingo player also and i made more money playing bingo then i did working in a year.

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