Player Wins and Pockets 13,000 with Blackjack After Initial Withdrawal Problems

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May 3, 2008
A 42-year-old mother of three children from Stroke-on-Trent joins JackpotJoy Casino and wins £13,000. When she, later on, tries to withdraw her winnings, JackpotJoy refuses to cash her winnings out, due to Terms & Conditions breach. Namely, Donna Keeling has used her son's credit card to place her bets and has signed up with her own name. After consulting with the UK Gambling Commission and providing JackpotJoy with additional documents to confirm her story, Donna finally received her winnings.

The Big Win

Donna Keeling, a mother of two underage and one 23-year-old son, has tried her luck for the first time in an online casino. She had chosen JackpotJoy Casino, signed up under her own name and registered with her eldest son’s credit card. Making a £25 deposit, she managed to rack up a staggering £13,000 in winnings.

She first started placing bets on slot machines which proved successful, with her winning £150 before she decided to switch to Blackjack. The whopping £13,000 win came soon after she started playing Blackjack.

However, the mother-of-three stumbled upon a problem with the withdrawal. JackpotJoy refused to pay out her winnings because she was playing with her son's credit card and using her own name. Before the operator paid her out, she had to provide and disclose personal info and documents in order to identify herself.

First, Donna said, she couldn’t believe that she had won so much. She initially wanted to withdraw £12,000 and leave the £1,000 on her JackpotJoy account to play with. She was using her son’s credit card without thinking that that could be a problem for the casino. She even believes that if it had been £200, the casino wouldn’t have contacted her but would have just paid out, but since £13,000 were in question, they reacted. After she withdrew her winnings, she received an email by JackpotJoy asking her to call them. So she did call them, providing them with all the necessary information and documents they have required from her, because as she said, things like this never happen to her, being a single mum of a six-year-old and one-year-old boys.

Her 23-year-old son Dan Lyons said that he was thrilled for his mum's win and he was happy that she had used his card to play at JackpotJoy. Stating that the money would really help his mum out, he added that she is over the moon, really happy to finally be able to treat the kids with stuff she couldn’t afford before.

JackpotJoy’s Statement

The operator behind JackpotJoy Casino is Profitable Play Limited. Since the operator cannot comment on individual cases like this one, a spokesman came out with a statement, saying that asking Donna to provide the documents was obligatory. Whenever JackpotJoy is unable to satisfactorily complete the identity and age verification processes with the details that are already registered, they have the legal and regulatory obligation to ask players to provide some personal identification documents to further validate and confirm their identity and age.

However, the spokesman said, they always endeavour to work with their players to complete these additional requirements for verification as soon as possible and ensure they are able to enjoy and make use of their winnings as quickly as possible.

And JackpotJoy is absolutely correct. Verification is a standard procedure that helps operators to confirm whether the player is legal of age for gambling and confirm their identity. The player must be well aware of the Terms and Conditions and the Policy of the online casino before even joining it. In fact, some operators ask players upfront to provide them with the copies of their debit or credit cards to ensure that those card details match the ones given during sign up.

In case the operator notices inconsistencies, something suspicious or even slightly confusing, they have the right to deny the transaction. This mostly happens in cases like Donna’s, when the player signed up with their name and is trying to deposit or withdraw money with a different person's credit or debit card. When the operator demands additional identification documents, it just follows a standard procedure against fraudulent activities such as identity theft and money laundering.

Therefore, JackpotJoy did the right thing, and after ensuring that Donna identified herself, the casino quickly paid out her winnings.
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