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Jul 17, 2008
For those of you who are way more familar with this than I am how many registered players at a site do you think a virtual casino has to maintain in order to stay lucrative?
hi there runninfast
well thats an interesting question
my guess would be at least 5000 players
but i might be total wrong, really never thought of that, lol
What do others think?
Make a guess guys or maybe we have an insider who can tell us a bit more if allowed, lol
You have to look at it this way how much overhead do online casino"s have.Sure they have staff but i have no idea on how much they would be payed.I would have to agree with Marina on that one.But that would be regular depositing players.I heard a bit back from party casino they had well over a million register with them.
A MG casino manager told me about having an asian player who played off almost 3 I think they don´t need many other
yeah its really hard to guess
it depends on what kind of players
if a casino getting many players who dep 20 and cashing out already if they up to 100
then this is sure not lucrative for them, lol
yeah if there are a few players who regularly play with large amounts of money then there may be no need for that many players at all to keep a site profitable.

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