Please read the rules for our private poker freerolls!

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It's great to see how efficiently Bonus Paradise responds to things that don't go to plan, it's also refreshing to see that they take in and consider their members voice and aren't afraid to change things, thanks.
Thank you for the support Arachnaphid
It's appreciated

It is for members like you we do what we do!​
we have updated our rules,
since there was really less and less support, we had to make our rules a bit easier.

its now........

1. Any freeroll Bonus Paradise uses a password for, you will need at least 15 quality posts and have been a member of the Bonus Paradise forum for at least 10 days before the date of the freeroll to recieve a pm with the pasword.
Yep sorry to say she is right corner, i and a few others really tried to get the poker part off the ground but for some reason we just couldn't get it going :nuts: but this is still a great place no matter what though ! :eek:hyesss:
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