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Jul 17, 2008
What should be my ultimate guide if I have never played poker online before and I really want to study all of the ins and outs of the game? Should I just jump in somewhere and start learning as I play or is there a guide that can help me along the way? Poker for dummies so to speak.
Some poker sites have like a school they run for new people to the game.Most tho watch it on tv to get an angle on what cards are good to play and what are not.One thing you might want to try is join a site a play for play money untill you have a better understanding of the game.
There are several variations in Poker. Some poker games are low ball games. Texas Holdem is the game of choice these days. Make sure you know the house rules where you plan to play, and don't be afraid to ask -- before you buy-in. You could also seek for rake back, once you know the in and out of poker.
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how about freeroll tournies? Can't those be a great way to learn the game since you do not have to pay to play?

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