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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Who said Poker wasn't an Olympic Sport?? At Wass Poker They have made the decision that Poker deserves a whole Olympics of its own!

Throughout August, your 'medal tally will track the comp points you earn and the cash prizes you unlock along the way. You can win almost $2,000 in cash prizes, simply by reaching all of the comp points goals and unlocking all the medals.

All you have to do is play poker, Wass Poker will track your performance based on the number of comp points you achieve. Starting with the Bronze medal you can go for gold just by collating Comp Points, once you have cleared each level you will receive the corresponding INSTANT cash prize. Once you have won all 10 Bronze medals, you will unlock the Silver & Gold medals and even bigger cash prizes. You even get a special bonuses every time you collect a set of 10 of the same medals, you'll also receive a bonus cash prize - Up to $700!​

{you can see how it works in your player admin account}​

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