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Sep 14, 2008
I have a question:

Which online poker program do you think has the best shuffling system?

I think one of the worse has to be ultimate bet.... but i do like playing there....

I Would Have To Say In My Opinion They Are All About The Same To Me. Sometimes Some Seem Worse Than Others, But There Is Times When Those That Seem Worse Than Others Are Better Than Others. I Think We See Alot Of More Bad Beats And Suckouts More Often Due To the Amount Of Hands We Play Online. I Used To Play Alot Of Home Games And You Rarely Seen A Bad Beat Or Suckout On the River.

I Think This Is Due To Not Playing As Many Hands And Also Playing With Better Players At the Tables That Do Not Play Off The Wall Hands Like 8 3 Offsuit Setting Up The Potential Bad Beat.

So, I Say Because You See Alot More Hands Online , It May Seem That The Online Poker Room That You Play Has A Terrible Random Card Generator. I Say At Times They Are All Bad Sometimes, But Then At Times They Are All Pretty Good.

I'd Say The Most Consistant Random Card Genrator May Be At Pokerstars.

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I think the shuffling system is some kind of normal, like real life some time u see the set of the same card of previous round at online room too. But it real that badbeat have came out
so often when come to online poker, or just I'm the one who bad luck all the time
I have been recently playing at our newest sponsor's room Doyle's Room, and i have noticed that their random card generator is one of the best i have came across. I rarely seen many badbeats in the last weeks, not saying that i haven't seen any, but not quite as many as i have seen on other sites. I would suggest if you are looking for a good random card generator or "shuffling system", give doyle's room a try.​

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something most online poker players forget, with the RNG, the shuffle continues to run, during the complete play. Where as at a live table, the shuffle is made and never shuffled again, during that play. Makes a big difference. Plus comparing the amount have hands that are delt, between online and live games.

Another thing I have noticed, being I am on dial up, when there is an update, for any site that I have downloaded, a file updates, named suck out cards, has also been called wild cards, and a few other names. I have no idea what these files are, but by the names, makes you think. I have had others tell me they see it on some of the sites they use. So I am guessing they all have it, but call it by some other name.
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I don't think you can really tell. Even if you're running bad, that can always be chalked up to variance. I think you'd have to have an insanely huge sample size of hands and stats before you can make an assessment or a good guess as to whether or not the cards break even in the long run.
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I don't play in too much poker programs but i think they're all almost the same in shuffling! Sometimes in Bwin and Everest i have the same card(in hand) 3 followed times, but i think it's just a coincidence.
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I don't play in too much poker programs but i think they're all almost the same in shuffling! Sometimes in Bwin and Everest i have the same card(in hand) 3 followed times, but i think it's just a coincidence.

it's happen to come 3 or 4 time the same cards,ussually get bad cards,but also happen to come good cards like AA,KK or AK but you win only once even others have bad cards and you are fovorite to win the hand.never win two times when i get KK or AA consecutive. i think at ongame network is the best shuffing. i know that on ipoker on river ussually come A and i think the microgaming have the worst shuffing,I do not like at all.
I think like others have said that most of them have good and bad days, but WHY would anyone even give ultimate bet or their sister site absolute a chance at all?Just like some folks continue to patronize rogue casinos with all the info thats out there i guess the cheating poker rooms gotta have their loyal players also,lol oh well to each his own...
I don't think there is much of a difference on shuffling systems, I've had the good and bad runs on all sites.
Some sites are very vague about there shuffeling system like RedKings. But online gambling companies (especially the large) wouldn't cheat you because there is way to much money to be lost that way, and of what use is it. At poker they only care about collecting the rake.
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i think all the rooms are equal. anyone who has played online poker long enough has seen just about every scenario that comes up in the cards being dealt. regardless of the site the winning players will continue to win while the losing players will continue to lose.

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