Poor Guy

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Jun 1, 2008
Heres a little story about total bad luck.My ex-boss had a huge gambling habit with slot machines.He in total spent 500,000.00 playing them in about 6 years.At that time the most you could win was 1000.00 in one spin.Well his now ex-wife caught wind of him spending the way he did and divorced him for it.Well to add to his bad luck his wife bought some loto tickets all of 2 dollars worth and won just over 6 million.lol Poor guy never got a cent
ain't that just the way it goes sometime? Maybe he could now sue her for mental anguish and cruelty?
Lol nope he couldnt sue for a cent.His bad luck didnt stop there tho.He took a fall of about 10 feet and it almost killed him.But she did help him out while he was off work.So it wasnt all bad for him.

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