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Jul 17, 2008
It seems that online gambling is very popular with players from the UK. Do you think there are more players from there who gamble online or is there another country that seems to have a lot of players?
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The US i would think had the most untill the government step in and made some changes.Here in Canada some of those changes hit us here also,but there always seems ways around it.
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Which Makes No Sense That Our U.S. Government Just Passed this Law With No Stipulations Or Even Trying To Legalize It.

I Heard In A Report That Online Gambling In America Was An $8 Billion Dollars A Year Industry, Almost Like 1/3 Or 1/4 Of All Online Gambling.

Its Been Almost 2 Years Since The Passing And I'm Still Pissed About It. lol​
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Thats 8 billion they couldnt keep track of for tax reasons i would think.Her in Canada our winnings dont get taxed,but i think they might change that oneday.
Yes, there was a lot of players in the U.S. that was doing online gambling. I wonder how much that number has changed. Wow, you guys are lucky in Canada with the no taxes on winnings.
Heres the thing tho thats a pain for us.If we(Canadains) play in the states say in Vegas we do get taxed on the winnings over a certain amount.But then we have to fill out a form which ables us to get the tax back.Lol this normally takes about 6 months to have it returned.
But that is great that you can retrieve it at all. Big Brother here in the States would be knocking on the door to get the tax money as soon as it hit the table for us, and there is no way in h*** that we will ever see that money again.
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