Private 100€ Freeroll at Nasty Duck Poker!

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May 3, 2008

We are happy to offer our active members a cool

100€ Poker Freeroll at Nasty Duck!

Our special thanks to John for making this possible.

Only active members are eglible to play!

Please read here our rules about Poker Freerolls

Unfortuneatly Nasty Duck does not accept players from the USA - Sorry guys.

Tournament Name: Bonus Paradise

Registration: Pre-registration, we will send in the player names

Tournament Date and Start Time: 29 November 2008 - 20:00 CET - 19:00 GMT

Blinds: 3/5/8/10/12 minutes

Game Type: NL Holdem

Tournament: 100€ Poker Freeroll

If you would like to play then please post here
your Nasty Duck account name and Poker Alias before 28 November 2008,
this is the day when we will send in all eglible members for registration.

NastyDuck Poker!​
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Wooww awesom Marina!!
Again a wonderfull Freeroll!!
Thanks And a big thank you to John to:socool:​
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Me likes :super:

And for the Dutch people among us...tonight the Netherlands has to play poker against Argentina over at Nastyduck for the country vs country competition. If you need the password for the game PM me or watch the nastyduckforum.
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