Private €50 Freeroll at Nasty Duck!

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May 3, 2008

Nasty Duck Poker is sponsering us a cool €50 Freeroll
exclusively to Bonus Paradise Members.
Thank you Nasty Duck.

Tournament Name: Bonus Paradise

Date of the Tournament: July 13th

Start Time of the Tournament: 21:00/9pm CET

Game Type: NL Holdem

Freeroll: 50€ Freeroll

Minimum Players: 10

Password: BPND50

Please post your Nasty Duck username if you like to play.

Visit Nasty Duck Poker!

Unfortuneatly Nasty Duck does not accept US players,
we promise there will be much more freerolls coming
where our US members may play too.​
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count me in:super:

thank you nasty duck for this freeroll​
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Thats great Davy
thanks for joining
I think its a very nice Poker room
and we sure gonna enjoy this Freeroll
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You can count me in!

Looks like a nice poker room and I will be there if I can start the software. :sad:
Is it possible to play instant without downloading the poker client?

Username: Shaggy76

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I solved the problem with the pokerclient. I didn't recognize that my firewall blocked the installation. :confused::D

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Hey Shaggy :thank you:
thanks for joining
Glad you figured out how to download now.

Good luck at the tables
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Good Luck Guys, I'll Catch You At The Next Game, As USA Isn't Allowed To Play Here! We'll Be Having Some More Games Soon, Where I Can Give All You Guys And Gals A Poker Lesson, hehe
Welcome to our gambling forum antim1
Good luck in the freeroll and thanks for joining
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hi kaiido
welcome to our gambling forum
great that you have entered our freeroll

i will join this evning this freeroll too
and my nickname is adminmike
i hope we will have muchs fun

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