Problems with ALL Jackpots Casino?

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Jul 25, 2008
I downloaded All Jackpots Casino from a link here and I love it. I love the freerolls- and have actually done pretty good a couple of times:)
There are many times when I log in that I am unable to enter any tournaments. I can click Join Forever and nothing. I try connecting, disconnecting, name it. I had my sister download it and try it at one of these times and she couldn't either. Has anyone else had this problem?

I'm in a 200K next week and hope to figure this out before then :(
I have noticed sometimes it takes a while for the software to recongize you joining and then after a while it will pop up that you joined. Also, some casinos have a maximum # that is allowed to register. This is what i have noticed, maybe someone else could have a better answer for you, have you contacted support about this problem?
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No, I haven't contacted anyone yet. I truly didn't worry much until I won that seat I think I'll be ALL over it lol. I've even noticed that I can minimize the program and later it can sometimes be flashing with a pop-up to be seated so I guess the lag in recognition could be the problem.

I do know it doesn't like it if you have other Microgaming programs open- even if just poker.

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