Purely by Chance: 3 Online Casino Games That Rely on Luck

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    “Luck be a lady tonight”: first sung by a pensive gambler in the movie Guys and Dolls, these lyrics were made famous by Frank Sinatra.
    There are many theories as to what luck actually is or if it even exists, but most of the people you meet will agree that there is some sort of an unseen force that can drive success.

    When it comes to online gambling, luck may be just what you need for these three games:


    In person, this game can be pretty polarizing. The craps table in Vegas at any given moment is likely swarming with rowdy, over-enthusiastic players, but who can blame them? Craps is a high-energy,
    exciting, and extremely social game
    . With dice in hand, you roll with the hopes of hitting 7 or 11. Rolling 2, 3, or 12 means you are out, but anything else will take you to the next round.

    Many online casinos will try to recreate the excitement of an in-person game, and it seems to work. Computer algorithms ensure a random roll, and the entire game is fast-paced and rousing.
    Although the basics are simple, the rules of craps are a bit involved. There are numerous different ways to bet, so study up before hitting the table. Many websites offer free craps games to help
    you learn the rules and betting procedures before placing any actual bets.


    Back to the casino: slot machines are a mainstay, and the most popular “try your luck” activity out there. The first gambling machine was invented in Brooklyn in 1891, with the first automated
    slot machine developed in San Francisco just a few years later. Since that time, slots have only been growing in popularity. Thanks to new technologies and advances, slots now feature video screens,
    multiple paylines, movie tie-ins, and options for betting and stakes.

    In the online realm, slot machines work much the same way. Pull a virtual lever and see how the drums line up, with different combinations of images offering different prizes and payouts.
    Three-wheel versions are still the most common, but many other forms exist. Many online slot machines have progressive jackpots, resulting of payouts in the thousands and even millions.
    Online slots are just as fun to play as their casino-planted counterparts, so you do will not feel like you are missing out.


    The game of roulette is over one hundred years older than slots. Invented in France, it rapidly spread to other nations and is still widely popular in casinos and online today. The original version
    is called European Roulette, with an additional 00 on the American Roulette wheel. Players place their bets before the dealer spins the wheel, sending a small ball bouncing around within the board.
    There are 36 possible slots the ball could land in, and your bet depends entirely on this.


    The simplest bet is a straight or single. Roulette offers one of the highest payouts available for a single bet, 35:1! Because of this, each table will have a maximum inside and an outside bet as well as
    a minimum for each. Other types of inside bets include split, corner, basket, and trio. For a lower payout but higher odds of winning, outside bets are a little more general: you might guess that the
    ball will land between 1-18, within the first dozen, or on a red space instead of black.

    How Strategy Comes Into Play

    Craps, slots, and roulette are all examples of online casino games are meant to be an enjoyable and exciting break from your daily life. You will feel the rush of betting, and the eventual payout is more
    than just monetarily rewarding. Many online games are designed to reflect the look and feel of a casino, with clean interfaces and strong graphics.

    Before pulling a virtual slots lever or betting on a roulette wheel, however, take the time to find a reputable gaming site. This will help make sure that the odds are not unfairly stacked against you. Genuine sites
    will have systems like random number generators in place to make sure, for example, that the dice in your online craps game are as real as if you were taking a turn in Monopoly at your next family get-together.

    As mentioned, both craps and roulette do require some tips and betting strategies. Knowing the house edge will help you determine what your payout might be.
    No matter your game, however, focus on your main tactic. Knowing when to stop is hugely important, especially if the game is not going well.
    Setting a budget or time limit for yourself will help ensure you have fun and enjoy the game without risking money beyond your means.
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Interesting article Marina. All 3 games are definitely based on luck. If anyone has a winning strategy for Slots, please let me know ok;)
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think there is a strategy to win on slots. :p
    It is really just spinning the right slot at the right time.
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  4. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Yes indeed! Would have been easy then lol.
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  5. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Ahggg I really thought that Mike would have the magic strategy to win on slots ;)
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