Retired Man Wins $1m on Three Card Poker in Atlantic City!

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May 3, 2008
A Day After Discovering His Wife Is Cancer-Free, a Retired Man Wins $1m on Poker

Christmas miracles do happen. The story of the 85-year-old retired public works director will prove that to you.

Harold McDowell and his wife were in Atlantic City, celebrating the good news they have just received. Namely, the elderly couple has just found out that Mrs McDowell is finally cancer-free, after struggling with cancer for a few years. She had undergone numerous surgeries for colon and liver cancer in recent years and has just been given the good news that she's finally cancer-free.

The couple received the news a few days before Christmas and have decided to go and celebrate in Atlantic City. They went on and settled at the Borgata Hotel and Casino to try their luck there. Harold, the 85-year-old man from Lakewood, a retired public works director was feeling lucky enough to place a $5 bet on a Three Card Poker game. He placed the bet on 6 Card Bonus and was dealt with A, Q and 10 diamond-suited cards, waiting for the dealer’s turn.

Harold’s Statement About the Lucky Hand

Harold was sitting next to his wife when he received his cards, and they were impatiently waiting for the dealer’s move. The dealer finally dealt the K, J and 9 diamonds, giving Harold a six-card royal flush. Being aware of the 1-to-20 million odds, Harold then turned to his wife saying ‘I just won a million dollars'. Mrs McDowell turned to him and said ‘You’re full of crap!’.

Experts say the odds of hitting this kind of jackpot were 20,348,320. This once-in-a-lifetime hit on the 6 card bonus had never been paid out at the Borgata Hotel and Casino, the casino says in a press release. The fact that this couple won it right after receiving the great news about the recovering of Mrs McDowell is simply astonishing.

‘I happened to be playing right next to my wife’, Harold said, sharing that both he and his wife were frozen and dumbfounded with joy. Even though this is extreme luck, ‘the luck of the Irish', as Harold says, the sweet gentlemen shared that the more important part of this ‘stroke of luck' for him came the day before. ‘It was better news that she's healthy. Money is not the most important thing', Harold says.

In addition, McDowell shared that he plans to give most of the winnings to his kids, even though $200,000 of the money were taken by the casino for taxes. ‘Our lives will probably stay pretty much the same’, Harold adds, ‘but it might get better for our children’. Therefore, the life of the cute elderly couple will still stay the same, but the $800,000 are a real boost for their children and grandchildren.

What Is Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™?

Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™ is an exclusive variant of three-card poker available in Caesars, Bally’s, Harrah’s Resort and Showboat Atlantic City. The game was originally launched in Vegas, but currently, Atlantic City is offering it as well.

The thing with the 6 Card Bonus side bet is that it gives players the opportunity to win $1 million with a wager as small as $5 if they manage to hit the Super Royal flush made of diamond-suited 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.

You can place the 6 Card Bonus wager right after you place an ante wager, as well as a Pair Plus wager. The wagering starts at $5 and can go up to $100, with odds paid on all 3-of-a-kind or better hands. The Super Royal hands, though, have a fixed value, one Harold was familiar with.

Similar Three Card Poker Wins

Even though Harold was the record-setter in Borgata, O’Sheas Casino has experienced 3 similar Three Card Poker wins. In fact, a month and a half ago, a Wisconsin man hit the same 6 card royal flush playing Three Card Poker surrounded by family and friends at O’Sheas Casino in Las Vegas.

Namely, the man won $1.3 million, $300,000 more than Harold. But, O’Sheas Casino is named the ‘luckiest’ place to play in Vegas for a reason. In 2015, Byron Neel from Virginia has won the same three-card poker 6 card royal flush, as did James Orr from Wyoming in 2016.

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